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The Garden Show

w/Patrick Parent

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Catch The Garden Show Sundays from 8 to 10 AM

Call In: 855.660.4261

Patrick Parent has over 30 years in the gardening industry.  What started as wanting to spend extra time with his father at the Family Patch garden center at the age of six, turned into a lifelong passion in gardening.  After spending many years learning about horticulture directly from his father, Paul, he attended his father's Alma Mater Stockbridge School of Agriculture.  He earned an associate degree in Horticulture 02’ and in 2004 he received a bachelor’s degree in Urban Forestry at the University of Massachusetts . 

Since he graduated from college, Patrick has exclusively worked in the gardening industry taking on different roles with Stonegate Gardens in Lincoln, MA and then Northeast Nursery in Peabody, MA, rounding out his experience in the green industry.  He currently works as an Assistant General Manager at Mahoney's Garden Centers in Winchester, MA.  

Patrick married in 2008 to Kristen Parent.  Together they have 2 beautiful daughters Katherine “Katie” Parent and Elizabeth “Ella” Parent.  Patrick enjoys spending his free time with family and friends.   

From the expert advice and guidance Patrick received from his father, to the experience he has acquired through his education and in the gardening industry, Patrick will carry on his father’s legacy.  He will do this in the tradition his father set forth.   

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