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First Look is WNTK/WUVR's Community Showcase, featuring guests from across the listening area from a wide variety of topics and walks of life. From political to business, non profits to community leaders, First Look is an local information driven program with news, weather, sports, and daily features to start your day with the information you need ahead of your busy life.

Jason Place was born in May of 1969. The 7th child of Maurice and Beverly (Hazelton) Place, he joined the ranks of 2 brothers and 4 sisters who grew up on South Main Street in West Lebanon, NH. As a youth, he was facinated with trains (probably due to listening to them chug along behind the hill in his backyard and across the Connecticut River in train-friendly White River Jct., VT.), and would beg his parents to take him into VT to watch the trains go through the local Railroad Crossing in Downtown WRJct, VT. One night, his passion paid off and a train stopped in from of the family's station wagon. The engineer approached the vehicle and asked if, by chance, he might want to drive a 1/2 mile of train cars down the track and then back them up to where his parents sat. As you can imagine, he was in that engine faster than a locomotive!

His next passion kicked in when he turned 12. At that time, he used to get laughs from his parents and siblings doing impressions of then President Ronald Reagan. He began making prank calls to area radio stations, until  Dave Symonds at WCNL Radio in Newport, NH made him an intriguing offer. If Jason would be willing to pedal his bike from his family's new home in North Grantham, NH to the studios in Newport, and record some comedy segments, they would actually PAY him with past record albums of Casey's Top 40, t-shirts, Frisbees, and coffee mugs! It was too good to be true!
After graduating from Lebanon High School, Jason worked part time for WTSL-AM then located in Hanover, NH.


Fast forward 32 years and Jason now joins WNTK after being a staple in morning radio for 20 years. He left morning in 2010 and now takes up the reigns again after a dacade of being away.

He has a deep passion for our local communities, it's people, and all that makes living here so special.

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