Keith Hanson
Jun 21, 2018

Democrat Hypocrisy on "Child Protection?"


There have been a number of comments, back-and-forth, about the issues surrounding immigrant children.


Think about this for a moment:


On Monday, during a White House press briefing, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson remarked that the issue was one that "...Congress alone can fix."


Yesterday, Republicans attempted to fix the issue with a legislative initiative that sought to require immigrant "families" being kept together which was promptly and summarily REJECTED by Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. He stated that Democrats would NOT work on a legislative fix with the opposing party and that the issue was Trump's alone to fix, because, "There are so many obstacles to legislation and when the President can do it with a flick of his own pen, it makes no sense."


(Point of clarification: The word "families" is in quotation marks because it affects only those children who are actually in the company of their parents when they are encountering ICE and CBP agents. This does NOT involve those who are unaccompanied.)


So, I ask you the following...


How is this the fault of Trump and the Republican party when Democratic party leadership refuses to even consider a legislative means of ending whatever perceived injustices are being committed? Does the responsibility of fixing policies that exist as a result of the legislative process not fall squarely on the very legislative bodies that created those policies to begin with?


Further, how is the simple act of enforcing existing laws a "...dangerous, expensive and inconsistent..." act that is a "...radical departure..." from what previous administrations have done? If the laws that are being enforced are so radically dangerous and inhumane, why were they made into laws in the first place, and who made them?

Peter mans
Jun 22, 2018

dont confuse anything said by schumer as fact

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