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The Beer Guys


Catch The Beer Guys Saturday Nights from 10 to 11 PM

TIM DENNIS (Co-Host / Executive Producer) was first introduced to craft beer by co-workers from the UK who were happy to find Samuel Adams among the relative craft beer desert of Mississippi in the early 1990s.   After relocating to Atlanta in 2000 he enjoyed the variety of beers available from local brewers (a measly 6 at that time) as well as the options available from other breweries across the country.

As a moderator of a popular Georgia beer forum, Reddit ATLbeer, Tim has worked to foster the camaraderie of the craft beer community by helping to create a friendly environment for craft beer fans, brewers, and other industry personnel to share and discuss the goings-on in the local beer scene.   He is a passionate advocate for better beer laws in Georgia and worked with the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild and local lawmakers to help keep the public engaged and active for the passage of SB63 in 2015 and SB85 in 2017.  Tim is a Cicerone Certified Beer Server and is currently pursuing his Certified Cicerone certification.

On many weekends Tim can be found at his home in Woodstock spending time with friends homebrewing and sharing great beers, or at a local brewery or beer festival.

Twitter: @BeerGuyTim
Untappd: itsme_timd

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